Mr. Petershagen is an Environmental Geologist with strengths in Phase I and Phase II investigations as well as a strong background in Geochemistry.

He is also experienced in computer programming with skills in various operating systems and hardware including Convex, Cray (COS and UNICOS), IBM Mainframe (MVS and CVS), DEC and Sun Workstations (UNIX), VAX (VMS), PC (DOS), and Macintosh. He is adept in developing, writing, supporting and using computer programs for environmental modeling and problem solving.

Mr. Petershagen is a qualified supervisor of Phase I and Phase II site investigations as well as subsurface geochemical and soil gas investigations. He has supervised projects in California, Texas, Oklahoma, West Virginia, Utah, Nevada, Colorado, Wyoming and Louisiana as well as domestic and international offshore areas.

Mr. Petershagen has worked in the oil and gas industry where he performed technical, application based research for major oil and geophysical companies. These studies included regional and local geochemical studies, extensive geophysical analysis and interpretation, basin analysis, computer program design and implementation, field research and testing. Other experience includes drilling, data collection, mapping, data analysis and reporting. He has attended numerous schools and seminars on geology, environmental subjects, geophysics, engineering and advanced computer programming.

Mr. Petershagen is the author of numerous technical reports as well as comprehensive computer programs for collection and analysis of subsurface geochemical and geophysical data and conditions.

University of Iowa: B.A. History
University of Iowa: B.S. Geology
University of Iowa: M.S. Geology

    (Research Fellow: Mining and Minerals Fellowship)

Professional Memberships:
American Association of Petroleum Geologists
Houston Geologic Society

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