Dr. Kreis is an analytical chemist whose responsibilities include analysis of chemical data gathered during Phase II and Phase III investigations as well as supervision of on-going soil and groundwater remediation programs and RCRA remediation projects. He is also responsible for hazardous waste stream profiling, recycling and disposal. Dr. Kreis is a qualified analyst of Phase II and Phase III chemical data including RCRA materials.

Dr. Kreis has served as Vice President of Technology for a large specialty chemical manufacturer. He has also held positions as Manager of Polymer Research, Manager of Monomer and Polymer Products and Research Scientist. Dr. Kreis' specialty is in functional monomers for modification (adhesion, hydrophilicity, thermal properties, etc.) of polymers used in water treatment, coatings, cosmetics and optical products which resulted in major personal accomplishments such as the development of key new products and processes. His technical activities include solution polymer preparation and applications; adhesion promotion; and water soluble polymers. He is well versed in the handling, storage, transportation and disposal of hazardous and non-hazardous materials.

Dr. Kreis' other areas of expertise include the synthesis and application of functionalized polymers. He has performed research for major chemical corporations that specialize in commodity and specialty chemicals, rubber, resins and tire manufacture. As a Research Scientist, his responsibilities included research in the areas of SBR, nitrile and PVC latex and their applications in textiles, paper and adhesives.

Ursinus College: Bachelor of Science, Chemistry
University of Delaware: Doctor of Philosophy, Physical Chemistry

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